Why we homeschool…

This is actually a hard question to answer.  I can give you the easy answer: because I want to:)  Seriously though, I have a lot of different reasons, but I think the biggest one that matters more than anything else is that I want to keep my family close.  I was working full-time when we … More Why we homeschool…

Our Classroom

The holiday fun is over which means it’s back to school.  And by back to school, I mean walking into the classroom and starting up school again.  We used to bounce around where we would do our school work (couch, living room floor, kitchen table, breakfast bar, trampoline, etc), but I’ve learned we are the … More Our Classroom

Life Upsidedown 

We are getting ready for a New Year’s Eve celebration around here.  Eastyn made his famous chocolate chip cookies.  He’s so good at it!      Despite party prep or anything else going on in life, I (nearly) always make a little time for myself each morning.  That time includes time on the treadmill (boring!) … More Life Upsidedown 

The Happiness List

The new year is approaching and I’m sure I’m having the same feelings as most other people.  I want change.  I need change.  I look back on my 36 years of life and realize how many things I’ve accomplished and yet, done wrong.  Regrets?  No, but mistakes that I have learned from and refuse to … More The Happiness List